How can wearing sunglasses help keep your eyes healthy?

How can wearing sunglasses help keep your eyes healthy?

Whether they’re prescription sunglasses, polarized, or the latest designer frames or lenses, sunglasses do more than make you look good. They are important for keeping your eyes healthy. If you’re shopping for new sunglasses, here are some tips from your Focus Eye specialists.

Why wear sunglasses? Just like your skin, your eyes need protection from the ultraviolet (UV) light. Using the right sunglasses will protect your eyes from conditions like cataracts, eye growths (including cancer), and many other conditions. Certain eye conditions that put your eyes are greater risk for UV damage include: Macular Degeneration: Your eyes could be more at risk for UV radiation so wearing sunglasses whenever outdoors is important. Retinal Dystrophy: You might be at greater risk for UV related sun damage. Cataract Surgery: Certain older intraocular lenses (IOL) do not protect against UV light like the newer IOLs. If you did not get one of the newer UV blocking lenses then wearing sunglasses outdoors is important.

Do kids need to need to wear sunglasses? Yes, but toy sunglasses from the grocery store don’t offer the protection that your child needs. Sun damage to the eyes can happen at any age, and children’s young eyes are especially sensitive.

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses To find the right pair of sunglasses come speak with one of Focus Eye Center’s experienced opticians.


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