Why were you born here?

Why are you so fortunate that you live in a free and prosperous country? Why were you chosen to be born into the USA, into a relatively wealthy home, as opposed to a small village in Asia or a small pueblo in Mexico? (I say relative, because despite our recent financial challenges, we still have carpet instead of dirt floors, and running water.) But really, why? This topic has weighed on my mind lately and one of the few answers that I have thought of is that it is much more feasible for you and I with access to make a huge difference in helping others! Through means of telephones, internet, access to corporations, access to funds, and the desire to help others, we can cause a huge difference.

Our office recently orchestrated a humanitarian trip to a small town in Mexico, near the Sea of Cortez. We spent a few days in country providing eye health and vision exams. Many patients were newly diagnosed at our visit with glaucoma, cataracts, pterygiums, and other eye conditions, for which we initiated treatment. Hundreds of the patients were in need of eyeglasses and we were able to provide them to the patients, made possible from donations of our patients in Utah!

It was a marvelous trip and all that participated felt blessed and appreciated. We can’t wait for our next humanitarian trip next year! I have included here the journal entry of my son that helped us on the trip…

Dr. Lofgran is an optometric physician and owner of FOCUS Eye Center. For appointments or for inquiry as to how you may contribute to the upcoming humanitarian trip, call 628-4464.

Jackson Lofgran’s Journal- (7 yrs old)

I am so glad that I went on the humanitarian trip to help a lot of people. It was a lot of fun. I am glad to have helped a lot of people because the Mexicans came were poor.

We helped them by giving them glasses. We made it free so that they would come. That’s why we came, so we could make it free and help.

There was this one person that actually spoke English when I was in charge of the technology thing.

There was that lady that was blind. She didn’t really look like a Mexican.

I would like to go back because I want to help people again. It wasn’t really hard for me, but it was for my Dad. Actually it was a tiny bit hard because when I was walking people over to get glasses it was really hot.

The food got boring, because I kept eating tacos and tacos and tacos. Also it was hard because the mexicans spoke Spanish and you wanted to know what it was but you couldn’t.

That’s all.


“When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.”

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